In the midst of harvest

Things have been crazy around here! We are into our third week of harvest, and it’s been busy. So far, we’ve received about eight tons of syrah and one ton of tempranillo, spread out of over three weekends. The fruit looks really good. I made a syrah sorbet from freshly crushed juice on Saturday (my personal test of vintage quality), and it was excellent—ripe fruit flavors with just a hint of green and nice acid balance.

So far, the fermentations have gone smoothly. The first weekend, the weather was still quite warm, so the must warmed up a little more quickly than we might have liked. We thus had three out of four bins rock through fermentation, with one moving through more slowly. The following week we had just the opposite: three cool fermentations and only one faster lot. So far this week, all the lots are quite cool thanks to a decisive turn in the seasonal temperatures, which will  slow the fermentations down considerably.

We had a great crew up on Saturday to press out a couple of the early bins and then crush the newly received fruit. Everyone worked hard, and the day’s tasks flowed smoothly. We shared some wonderful meals and more than a few bottles of fine wine. It was a lovely holiday weekend.

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